Daan den Houter

Daan den Houter (NL, 1977) is a multidisciplinary artist that works and lives in Rotterdam. Before he went to art school, he studied Artificial Intelligence. In this study he found the basics for his work as an artist; the subjective way we look and adapt the world and the big influence of the sub conscious mind on our consciousness, fascinates Den Houter. His works explore the way we adapt and look at the (art-) world and generate perspective changes on most common, daily stuff..


Den Houter brings multiple, contradictory, subjects together in the same single work. Resulting into pieces that are in conflict with themselves. Triggering, the discussion about their own existence and the viewers opinion.
Using humor and cynicism he creates another perspective on the matter of art and ones own assumptions towards our daily life surroundings.


Daan den Houter
+316 144 98 452

Galerie Frank Taal
Van Speykstraat 129
3014 VH Rotterdam
+316 414 00 927